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What’s Happening with The Creatures


So a lot of people on Tumblr seem to be confused about what happened with Kootra

Basically, someone thought it was funny to call the SWAT team on The Creature’s office while Koots was streaming. He was put in handcuffs and trying to explain things to the police when they took the stream off the air. All of the past streams on the channel have also been deleted.

It was not a hoax by them and it actually happens more frequently then you’d think. People call the police on popular streamers as a prank called “swatting”

James(Nova) is over there right now and since the end of the stream, theres been no sign of Jordan but some people have been released and Dan says he knows that Koots is fine.

Liz has asked The Creatures fans not to make gifs or post pictures of this.
Please treat this as a serious situation and don’t make dumb things like #freeKootra
Also, let them have their privacy if they ask for it. Don’t look up their address from the news reports.

as of right now Kootra has returned to the building with investigators this is deplorable between this and the supposed DDos on Twitch yesterday i am very nervous for the furture of streaming for popular streamers the creatures


how does cr1tikal not get startled by anything. how do you do it, cr1tikal. did someone hurt you. did you lose something you once held dear. is that why you’re so dead inside. you can tell me, cr1tikal. i am here for you, and i’m worried about you.

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"This is not a simple task as it would seem.  Your work in this realm is referred to as a trial for a good reason."

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Markiplier + w a t e r

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Journey chapters: 2 ➨ the broken bridge

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Cr1tikal can’t say “Freddy Fazbear”, then is mad at the guy who can.


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beautiful cr1tikal

"Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world."      Credit

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Mark is the sweetest man in the world and nothing will ever convince me other wise

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